Responsive Web Design for Local  Businesses
Web-Life wanted to change that by giving small businesses a chance at having a fully responsive web site that would allow their users to interact with them as often as possible. We decided to team up with small businesses  because we wanted to ensure all small businesses get found on google - which is one of the biggest pitfalls they hit when establishing a web presence on-line. 
We at web-life invite you to come check out some of our latest projects on our home page, connect with us, ask us questions or even just email in to tell us if there is something you like or dislike about our projects because as much as we want to think we're amazing - the aim of web-life is to help you and other small businesses like yourself look and perform amazingly on the web.
About Me
Welcome to my website, my name is Khalid I'm a web designer based in Nuneaton. I have been designing and developing websites for a little over 2 years from coding my own basic sites to working across multiple platforms.
Having always worked in an I.T. environment I have gained a large knowledge of the following: HTML5, CSS3, SQL.
If you would like to discuss your requirements, call us on 

07495 646 276  
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