Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation
When it comes to search engine optimisation often the designers of a site will design things to spec making the page look great, load quickly and grant a user the most comfortable experience on a site - if not that should be the aim here.

However, sometimes designers including myself can forget to think about the smaller details such as:

- Placing key words in headings 
- Short internal links making it easier for a client to remember your page
- Links that describe where they are going to so that users (and web crawlers) can see exactly where they are going
- Forming relationships with key players in your niche to create strong back links - key when it comes to page ranking in google especially when they come from authoritive domains
- Using quality (not stock) images 
- Implementing Analytics to benchmark current and future web traffic
- The Social interest your website is creating - nobody is going to be looking for you if nobody knows you exist

... and the list goes on. 
There are services that can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the smaller details, behold this site from silktide simply type in your URL once online and you can quickly check where you score. The level of detail I must say is brilliant for SEO'ers like you and me. Check out how one of my own sites ranked below.

Never forget a detail again - visit nibbler.silktide.com to see how your site ranks!
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